The Christ University Commerce Association (CUCA) strives to provide vibrant avenues for students to shape their future by enriching knowledge, enhancing competence, imparting life skills and internalizing values through a plethora of competitions living up to its vision of ‘Compete, Collaborate and Create’.

The association organizes different activities every week. Events are conducted each week by each of the clubs which are exclusively helping students explore the various arenas of commerce as well as management with an analytics blend to it.


The office bearers of various clubs are selected, on the basis of their involvement in CUCA activities and based on their zeal in organizing various intra-departmental and inter-collegiate events and fests, the following second-year students have been selected as office bearers of various clubs that form the spine of the association:


The CUCA organizes various events, fests for its own students by means of intra-departmental fests and providing opportunities for students from other Universities/Colleges by means of inter-collegiate fests. The following are the activities, events & fests that the association organizes:

  • Weekly association activities
  • IGNITE (intra-departmental business fest)
  • INSPIRA (inter-collegiate business fest)
  • VERVE (intra-departmental cultural fest)
  • National Conference on Application of Analytics in Business Re-engineering (AABR)
  • CULMUN (Open Model United Nations)
  • CHRIST Virtual Fellowship & Hackathon


The CUCA has been divided in the respective clubs as given above in order to widen and at the same time, make the actions of the association precise in the various realms that it functions in.

Marketing Titan – The Marketing Club:

  • Aims to provide a platform for the students to experience the practical aspects of marketing.
  • Real life situations will be provided
  • To groom the minds of the students, to think creatively and to solve various marketing issues.
  • To make students understand the importance of team work and instill leadership qualities.
  • To keep the students updated regarding the latest trends and knowledge in the marketing industry.


Employera Horizon – The Human Resource Club

  • To instigate and develop innovation and creativity among the students of HR.
  • To keep the students updated regarding the latest trends and knowledge in the HR industry.
  • To increase the interactive skills of the students
  • To enhance the leadership qualities of the students.
  • To instill the required qualities by the students aiming to become a HR


Hadoop Hotspots – The Analytics Club

  • Maintaining a platform on which students can display their Analytics related activities to gain visibility.
  • Case study analysis and Undertaking real-time industrial projects related to Analytics.
  • To instill the various strategies and techniques to critically analyze any given situation.
  • To groom the analytical mind of students.
  • A platform for the students to gain knowledge regarding the Analytics industry.


Asset Reckoner – The Finance Club

  • To make the students more competitive in terms of both concepts as well as practice.
  • To provide a comprehensive understanding of the finance industry
  • To keep the members updated with the financial concepts and news
  • To help the students understand and relate to the technical and financial jargons and terms.
  • To provide them with corporate practical cases and situations to gain an experience before graduating.


Fostergenix – The Entrepreneurship Development Club

  • To inculcate the entrepreneurship qualities amongst the students
  • To develop awareness among its members of the attitudes, values, and skills of successful entrepreneurs around the globe
  • To help students nurture their latent entrepreneurial talents.
  • To help them gain knowledge on various dimensions of the industry
  • To give the practical experience of initiating a ED plan.


Strategic Maneuvering- The Strategic Management and Public Relation Club

  • Aims at conducting activities that focus on cultivating a strategic mindset.
  • To instill various techniques and strategies through various real life situations like auction
  • To provide students with activities like SWOT analysis to better understand their interests and role in PR.


Sapientia – MUN, Debating and Quizzing Club

  • To ensure that every member of the MUN Club understands the current geo-political situation around the world
  • To encourage the public speaking quality of the students
  • To equip the students with the required facts and a rationale to combat any counterpoints.
  • To inculcate the students with various topics covered in the biz quiz
  • To encourage to be self-confident with their points and answers


Clava De Muses – The Literary Club

  • To inculcate among students a flair for the language
  • To enhance their literary skills
  • To provide a platform for debating activities
  • To promote the communications skills of the students


Synergy – The Nature Club

  • To educate, motivate and sensitize the students about the importance in environmental conservation
  • To create and spread awareness to the students about the environment and related issues.
  • To organize small activities to inculcate the habit of environmental conservations
  • To inculcate the respect for the nature from a global perspective.


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