Tech Talk on Data Analytics and Opportunities

The Department of Data Science, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune, Lavasa, in collaboration with Women in Big Data (WiBD), organized A tech talk on 'Data Analytics and Opportunities' on 24 March 2021. The resource person for the talk was Prof. Akhil Nair, Assistant Professor, Department of Data Science, Christ (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus.

The event started off at 4:15 pm with 40 participants. Miss Arundhati Kolahal, Office Bearer, welcomed the audience and introduced the speaker, Prof. Akhil Nair.

Prof. Akhil Nair started the talk by briefly introducing "What on Earth is Data Science". He talked about the functioning of the Google navigation system as an example. He followed by giving an example of good prediction by predicting a perfect gift for an unknown person. He showed a picture of a recommender system and how it is used in all apps to customize the customer experience. 

He continued on to explain who a Data Scientist is. He proposed this as the best way of defining a data scientist.  "A data scientist is someone who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician". On further explanation, he said, "A data scientist is a statistician who can code". 

He moved on to explain the importance of having data. He explained how to make data useful by segmenting it into three parts 1) Data-Mining, 2) Statistical Inference, 3) Machine Learning/AI. He described them further and shared knowledge about Machine Learning on how a computer learns, instead of giving explicit instructions, programmer programs with examples and the machine learning algorithm in the data. 

He spoke about Artificial Intelligence and shared some of his childhood notion of relating AI to Iron Man, which was relatable to the suitable. He then talked about how Data Science was one of the sexiest jobs of the 21st century, as coined by D. J. Patil and Jeff Hammerbacher, the leads of data and analytics at LinkedIn and Facebook. He talked about job opportunities and the artistry of data science. They bring structure to large forms of data, communicate and suggest its implications, and advise other executives of the product, processes, and decisions.

Miss. Arundhati concluded the session with words of gratitude on behalf of all students to Prof. Akhil Nair.


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