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Inspira 2021

  27 - 28 April  

The School of Business and Management and the School of Commerce, Finance and Accountancy presents to you yet another endeavour; the Intercollegiate Commerce and Management Fest - INSPIRA ‘21 on the 27th April and 28th April 2021. Talented individuals from colleges and universities across the country will lock horns in a spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie in this holistically varied initiative of CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus.

Before time travel transcends into a physical reality ,suffice a series of opportunities that delve into the mystics of the other side. A parallel reality that instigates an era of trials and tribulations that demands the use of cosmic awareness to amalgamate the powers of the mind with an audacious will to survive. Combine the paramount managerial abilities as you compete amidst the psychological warfare to battle the ultimate nemesis.
Manifesting yet another endeavour we present to you the Intercollegiate Commerce and Management Fest- INSPIRA ‘21 on the 27th April and 28th April 2021. Students from colleges and universities across the country will lock horns in a spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie in this holistically varied initiative of Christ (Deemed to be University), Lavasa.
The campus, situated in the lap of the Sahyadri Hills, brings to its participants the pristine beauty and tranquillity of Lavasa away from the rapid-paced urban life. Amidst this picturesque setting, the participants’ intellectual and managerial abilities will be put to test in an assortment of perplexing events and challenges of a conflicting reality. We solemnly request your participation at Inspira ’21 and help us enrich this meet through your contribution in promoting healthy rivalry in a spirit of camaraderie among competing teams. Team Inspira's covenant to you is for each participant to have an enriched festing experience, build noteworthy contacts and cognize things that add value to your career and your individual character in the process. Furthermore, the participants will be challenged to go beyond the confinement of familiarity, amidst the unknown realm.
The subsequent folio acquaints you with the competitions spread across the two-day fest.

Human Resource Management: The Lanista
“Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with” ~ Iron Man.
Handpicking the right talent, for the right job at the right time is what will make one a sought-after HR manager. with increasing adversities, the time of tribulation is just beginning in the parallel world and the participants will be challenged with situations which demand immediate superlative solutions.

Best Manager- Crisis Commander
“No matter where you turn, there’s a decision to be made. Life or death. Right or wrong. Regular or crunchy.” ~ Frank Castle.
The Best manager must have the ability to channelise their intellect, maintain composure and deal with various managerial problems while handling stressful situations and combatting crisis in the alternate reality.

The Best Management Team –The Four Scorers
To build a strong team you must see someone else’s strength as a complement to your weakness”
Through Inspira’s Team Management Event - The Four Scorers, we put the participating teams to the ultimate test of grit, intelligence and unity. The rounds are designed to challenge the crew’s ability to work as a cohesive unit, thus making each individual action critical in fending off the obstructive forces of the alternate reality.

Business Quiz –Quizzical Wars
“Intelligence is a privilege, and it needs to be used for the greater good of the people”
The business quiz presents to its participants mind bending trivia from multiple angles through a series of rounds. The participants are required to think hard and think fast on questions ranging from business and management to static and current affairs. Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance, once identified, they will be well equipped to execute their mission extensively to a universe channelised with superior intellect exponent.

Finance - The Recession Ragnar –
“With great power comes great responsibility” ~ Superman.
This event consists of rounds that require preparation of strategic reports and presentations to aid the financial and economic aspect of an individual company or the country itself. The current financially turbulent times are not unique to us. Hence the contingent’s analytical and fiduciary skills will be put to the test in the alternate reality too.

Mock Stock- Stockgic
“For every minute, the future is becoming the past.” ~ Thor
The game of negotiating, convincing and selling where rounds are crafted to simulate the ways of the stock market. participants are given an opportunity to measure their acumen in the world of financial markets. The already uncertain stock market spares no one in times of uncertainty. Only the participant with venturousness, particular competence and ability to twist the truth can survive this battle of expeditious wit.

Case Study - The Crisis ChroniclesThe crewmates are presented with instances that illustrate a thesis or principle of the corporate world in the alternative reality, where their ability of critical thinking and problem-solving are brought under scrutiny. Contriving innovative solutions is the key to success in this clash of wits.

Marketing Team: The Tigrus Transmuters
-This trade war will test the teams on their combined abilities to seamlessly integrate the sales and marketing verticals of a business. The Tirgus Transmuters consists of dynamic rounds that assess the participants' marketing and interpersonal skills along with team coordination towards conquering the battlefield in the parallel world.
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