Research and Development Policy

The committee with the help of senior faculties help to structure the proposal in the proper shape. Thereafter, once the proposal is accepted by the university, the teachers start working and quarterly they are supposed to present what they have advanced in the presence of the other faculty members. During this time, they (the teachers undergoing project work) receive the feedback from the teachers present and accordingly get scope to develop the same in the proper manner. At the end once the work is over, the final draft is again to be presented and discussion on the same is conducted. After the presentation and modification, if necessary, the teacher is allowed to submit the report for 2 external examiners. On the receipt of the report, from two external examiners, the final viva is conducted and the candidate’s work is concluded.


This committee is assigned with the task of promoting the research culture in the department and involved in the activities like- encouraging the teachers to submit the research projects in the area of their interest, their PhD areas if the teacher has registered for PhD in our University or other universities.
To proactively position School of Law in the international context. Hence the Information Resource Center would undertake research and development initiatives to build research careers, provide support to strengthen knowledge foundations and study the impact/ interactions of law on society.
School of Law, endeavours to contribute to the knowledge economy by identifying, studying and solving the problem areas characterising a modern welfare society.
School of Law, endeavours to provide valuable Applied Research that contributes to the welfare society by developing its UG and PG curriculum that interacts efficiently with education, practice and research.
School of Law, endeavours to employ innovative methods of dissemination of knowledge generated through research; considering the broad variety of communication platforms and media habits that are available.
The Policy is implemented through specific strategies. Two main strategies are –

I. The constitution of a Research Cell – Information Resource Center

  • Constitution of the Committee – Senior faculty members
  • Responsibilities of the Committee
  1. Motivate all Faculties to pursue research in their respective areas of expertise. 
  2. Consultancy activities related to research. 
  3. The development of infrastructure conducive to promoting the quality and quantity of research and development. 
  4. Promote the undertaking of minor and major research projects in the department. 
  5. The establishment of research and development priorities 
  6. Promote emerging areas of research and development. 
  7. To monitor and enhance the quality of research programmes, projects and the research infrastructure within the Institute, including the training of research scholars. 
  8. To foster the development of multi-disciplinary research endeavors across Faculties and departments. 
  9. Monitor the research and development performance of students and faculties 
  10. To advise researchers on their proposals, methodology and design. 
  11. To encourage excellence and productivity through maintaining a database of research and development activities. 
  12. Oversee the application of the Code of Research Ethics for the responsible practice of research. 
  13. The quality of postgraduate research to be improved. 
  14. To promote building strategic, durable partnerships and develop funding solutions with Industries and research Institutions for steering, funding and cooperation. 

c. Meeting Schedule: The Committee will meet a minimum of twice a year and more often when necessary.

  • Promote Consultancy 
  • Code of Ethics 

In furtherance of the Vision, Mission and Policy Standards established in our institution and in the furtherance of the ethical standards that are required of the legal and academic fraternity, School of Law, is seeking to maintain ethical research and practice in the institution.
The Code of Ethics is a summary of the principles and procedures that needs to be complied with by every researcher in School of Law. It intends to create awareness with respect to ethically sensitive issues in research and scholarly activities. It also intends to provide advice for undergraduate and postgraduate research students and to promote a strong appreciation of ethical considerations in research. The Code provides for enabling procedures and does not restrict the students.
The primary responsibility in the conduct of ethical research lies with the researcher. It is necessary that the faculty members and students engaged in research adopt a persistent personal commitment to act ethically, to encourage ethical behaviour in those with whom they collaborate, and to consult where appropriate concerning ethical issues.
The Research Committee that is functioning in the School of Law shall evaluate all research material and submissions in order to ensure compliance with ethical standards.



  • Researchers shall not use deception in the research methods that they adopt. 
  • The anonymity as well as privacy of all research participants shall be respected in all instances and personal information relating to participants shall be kept confidential and secure. 
  • All persons engaged in research shall submit an ethical report along with their research submissions. This will contain declarations that the Code has been complied with. 
  • The Research Committee must approve all research and consultancy and will examine the ethical reports of each prior to approval. Committee Activities at School of Law helps students to choose and develop their interests and build leadership skills. Students have the freehand to plan and work in their own way. It builds team spirit and hones decision-making skills.


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