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  • 20-03-2024

World Health Day

When and where

 5th to 7th April 2024


 About the event 

International Health Day is commemorated annually on 7th April 2024. It serves as a platform to recognize the advancements and contributions made in the field of global health. This day highlights the importance of promoting health equity, advocating for universal access to healthcare, and raising awareness about health-related issues worldwide. International Health Day calls for collective action to address existing health disparities and challenges, inspiring individuals to actively participate in creating a healthier and more inclusive society. By celebrating achievements in healthcare while acknowledging the ongoing efforts required, this day fosters solidarity and empowers communities to strive for better health outcomes for all.

Event: International Health Day

Organized by: Centre for Counseling & Health Services (CCHS)

Objective: To celebrate International Health Day by recognizing achievements in healthcare, while also raising awareness about the need for universal access to quality healthcare, fostering a more inclusive and healthier world for everyone.

Instagram Series featuring health-related tips presented by the Counselors.
Health Desk's informative message displayed on the digital board, accompanied by a video from Nurse Jincy, offering valuable insights and advice.

Event Incharge Details
Centre for Counseling & Health Services (CCHS)



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