The reason why I joined swo is to develop my communication skills, interpersonal skills and my technical skills.Swo is a platform in which I make myself extremely useful as a christite for my university. I made some really good friends after i joined my team and it is helping me develop myself into a better person

-Varghese Anto, Stage and technical Team


I am Komal Jha and I am from 3BCOM, and I am a member of SWO hospitality. I have been working with the team for the past year and I have enjoyed every single day. One thing that makes SWO different from any other organization is that they work as a well coordinated team and everyone whether volunteer or heads work on the same line. The team swims and sinks together, everyone works equally and everyone is responsible equally. Coming towards my personal experience, I have become more confident, socially interactive with people. These are a few of the many points which makes working in SWO really fun for us.

-Komal Jha, Hospitality Team



Hi I am Pragati Gupta from the media team and I am one of their graphic designers. I love working for the media team. Being able to express my creativity was the reason I wanted to join the team and that's exactly what they let me do. Even though the media team requires a lot of work I love doing what I have been doing. I have learnt so much from the other members and they don't restrain me to work only on designs. Not only have I been able to better my skills in designing, I have also learnt a lot in photography and photo editing. The team even after a stressful day ends up having fun.

-Pragati Gupta, Media Team



Meeting and interacting with people who have different backgrounds and life experiences than you is an important element of one's college experience and of life in general. I broadened my understanding of the world around me by building strong relationships with diverse people through SWO. There are always cheerful faces at the office excited to work with you, They ensure to maintain an environment where everyone learns and grows together. For me, SWO has evolved into a second family where we support one another during good times and bad. I strongly advise anyone seeking both personal development and strong connections to spend some time with the Student Welfare Office.

-Dhananjay Rathod, Emcee Team



This is Rohan Kumar Jha from the SWO on stage team. I joined SWO team because I wanted to make myself useful for the college and as my school's motto said "service before self" and our college motto is "service and excellence" so providing any kind of service is my first priority and by working in the SWO team under the respective heads I have learnt what team work, hardwork and handling difficult situation is and how much importance does our team carry.

-Rohan Kumar Jha, Stage and Venue Team



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