Weekend Bus Service

The Weekend Bus Service is a unique practice offered to the students by CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus. It is a no-fee drop-off and pick-up service provided for travel between Lavasa and Pune. This amenity has been made available to all the students and staff members for their ease of commute on every Sunday. The proficiency of the service is maintained by strict rules and guidelines that need to be adhered to by everyone. The student list for the travel on Sunday is published on Saturday, giving everyone a confirmation of their travel. The bus service also provides for the provision of emergency and on-spot registration, wherein a student or faculty may get preference on the basis of an emergency and the students can also register on the day of travel for the unavailed seats respectively. It is a much anticipated trip throughout the week that brings a sense of joy to the students and a much awaited break from the daily activities of lavasa.


Open Forum

One of the most noteworthy initiatives by the Student Council members of the CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus, is the Open Forum, a platform extended to the student body of the university to voice their concerns and issues. It is a secure and confidential assembly that gives the students an opportunity to exercise their free speech by allowing them to express their thoughts and opinions freely. It is also the most effective and successful initiative of the Student Council that provides the student body a honest floor to speak up and give productive feedback. The Open Forums were conducted for all Undergraduates and Postgraduate students across the campus in the month of March. Open Forums addressed numerous student grievances and conveyed feasible solutions to them. The Open Forums have gained an immense amount of recognition and trust among the student body owing to their unique way of working and problem solving skills.


Holi Celebrations

CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus is coloured by a diverse range of cultures and ethnicities that embraces all traditions and festivities. Holi is one such colourful festival celebrated by the institution that creates a warm welcoming atmosphere and inclusive environment for the students. The Holi celebrations began on the morning of 18th March, 2022 at 9:30 AM at the football field of the Management block of Pune Lavasa Campus. This festival was a great way of kickstarting a vibrant campus culture and rejuvenating the activities after a long era of online celebrations. It added a lively and energetic overtone to the campus with students rejoicing to the sound of music beats and dancing along with splashes of vivid colours and water around them. The students were wholly engrossed and relished the spirit of the festival. The celebration of such diverse festivities not only introduces the students to new cultures, but also gives a homelike and congenial ambience for the students who are missing out on the hometown galas.


Gratitude Week Celebration

On the gleaming Saturday afternoon of 4th June, 2022, the Gratitude Day celebrations were commemorated in the Quadrangle of the Central Block. It was organized by the student body led by Student Council of CHRIST(Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus, to show regard and appreciation toward the Faculty, Non-Faculty and Management members of the University. This one-week celebration was held to emblazon and acknowledge the contribution and hard work of these members in aiding the student life and making it comfortable and momentous. This celebration involved extensive planning of various activities that included amusing games and cultural events like dance, music and speeches. The celebrations witnessed and beautifully captured the radiant faces of the attendees and portrayed the impeccable managerial skills of the Student Council members. The various acts and display of acknowledgement and gratitude throughout the celebration towards all who contribute to the smooth functioning of the University reflected an immense sense of joy on their faces, making this celebration a grand success.


Teachers Day Celebration

On 5th September, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus saw a ornate celebration of Teacher’s day in the Quadrangle of the University. The Student Council members of the University enthusiastically organized the event of Teacher’s day with the aim of showing gratitude and appreciation to the teachers. The celebrations were marked by elegant decorations and glorious cultural performances which included songs, poetry, dance and speech. This event cherished the contribution of the teachers in transforming the education through their vocal skills to enhance and support the knowledge of the student. The event concluded on a happy note with a vote of thanks and distribution of sweets for the teachers.



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