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The Student Council at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune, Lavasa campus, is composed of selected representatives across all the courses offered, to imbibe and inculcate the Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Graduate attributes of our University through various activities and proceedings, ensuring broad representation and diversity. The center is the voice of their student community, serving as a bridge between them and the management. Committed to amplifying the student body's voices, the Student Council serves as a catalyst for progress, coordinating initiatives and representing the diverse interests and concerns of the student population.

To cater to various functions, the center has constituted several committees such as the Bus Committee, Food Committee, Campus Monitoring Committee, Documentation Committee, Events Committee, Website Committee, Social Media Committee, and Training Committee. Additionally, the Student Council plays a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant campus culture, by organizing events and initiatives that celebrate diversity, promote social interaction, and create a sense of belonging through activities such as Orientation Sessions, Acclimatization and Induction Programmes, regular meetings/discussions, meetings with the director, Fresher’s Week, monthly Open Forums, Holi Celebrations, Daksh, Teachers Day, Gratitude Week, inspections, and collaborations with the departments and centers. Open Forum, being one of the best practices of the center, provides a platform for the students of the University to share their concerns and table their expectations from the management in a much more streamlined and formal/official manner. For example, during the water crisis in lavasa, when basic necessities was deprived for the residents of Lavasa, the council members reached out to various authorities, news papers, and ministers, and ideated on various measures with the management to tackle the issue. 

Curriculum development, campus facility maintenance, promoting general welfare & concerns, assisting student service centres, interlinking stakeholders to forge a community, enhancing student participation, general discipline & campus life, assisting committees (Anti Ragging, POSH), implementing new projects & ideas in campus, creating new programs & initiatives, growth & interaction of student bodies , and student services, are the focuses of this center, and by engaging through these activities they strive to create an environment that supports holistic student development.



  • Enhances the Overall Graduate Experience

  • Promotes General Welfare & Concerns

  • Assists Student Service Centres

  • Interlinks Stakeholders to forge a Community

  • Feedback on Academics & Programmes

  • Suggests Student Perspectives

  • Conducts Surveys & Feedback

  • Suggests Methods for Improving Campus Life

  • Enhances Student Participation

  • General Discipline & Campus Life

  • Maintenance of Campus & Service Facilities

  • Assisting Committees (Anti Ragging, POSH)

  • Implement New Projects & Ideas in Campus

  • Creates New Programs & Initiatives

  • Growth & Interaction of Student Bodies

  • Communication with Administration

  • Communication wtih Faculty



  • LEADERSHIP ORIENTATION PROGRAM: Induction of new council member | Campus connect | Guest talk and industry connect twice a year.
  • INTERNAL QUALITY CHECKS: Monthly Meets: Academic program review | Review of campus infrastructure, Campus discipline | Student open forum | Semester meeting with campus administration.
  • COLLABORATIONS: Academic disciplines (Minimum 5 times a semester) | Student bodies (Depends on number of events)| Department (Gratitude day etc.)
  • EXCLUSIVE STUDENT COUNCIL EVENTS: DAKSH education and career guidance fair | Gratitude day Teachers Day Celebration | Open Forums | Event Day Hosts.
  • PARTICIPATION IN GOVERNANCE- IQAC, Anti - Ragging Committee, Equal - Opportunity Cell | Gender Sensitization Cell | Internal Complaints Committee, CDC, BOS
  • ENSURING THE DECORUM: Ensuring Cleanliness | The regular bus service | Identifying the rule breakers | Establishing formal environment
  • TWO WAY VOICE: Regular Open Forums | Addressing problems of students | Providing solutions to issues in campus | Bringing Views of Management to Students



The Student Council at CHRIST University Lavasa has pioneered a distinctive approach towards fostering holistic development through its training, team-building exercises, and focus on overall well-being. With a commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals, the Student Council organizes specialized programs that go beyond academic excellence. Through their training initiatives, the Student Council equips students with essential skills essential for personal and professional growth. Leadership development sessions are conducted to cultivate strong leaders, while workshops on communication skills and time management enhance students' abilities to excel in their endeavors. The Student Council organizes various activities, outdoor adventures, group discussions, and community service projects, encouraging students to develop effective teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills.




(Deemed to be University)

Christ University Road, 30 Valor Court
At Post: Dasve Lavasa,Taluka: Mulshi
Pune 412112, Maharashtra.

Tel: 1800-123-2009






CHRIST (Deemed to be University) is a nurturing ground for an individual's holistic development to make effective contribution to the society in a dynamic environment.

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