Academic support


Induction Counseling

Our University may be the only institution to include counsellor interactions in the admission process. All students arriving into the Christite family have the privilege to meet a counsellor with his or her family/guardian. They are briefed about the academic assessment patterns, the required code of conduct and dress, the attendance requirements, and information regarding other centers and activities. This session, which includes video presentation and Q/A, enables students to start their university life with better awareness and expectations.This is the first meeting of the counsellor with parents. At the end of each semester, there is a parent-faculty meeting for which select parents are again invited to share their feedback and suggestions.

Academic Counseling

The CCHS team regularly monitors the attendance pattern of each student and invites them to discuss the challenges that keep them from attending classes. Counsellors collaborate with the academic departments to identify slow learners and less motivated students and arrange remedial tutorials and peer learning. Counsellors also meet students who have underperformers, to assess their study habits and areas of difficulty, mutually arriving at strategies to overcome them.




Parent Faulty Meetings

It is a bi-annual tradition of CHRIST to host Parent-Faculty meetings for all Bengaluru campuses in collaboration with CCHS. The counsellors invite select parents from all Schools on behalf of the institution for this meeting.

This meeting is part of an ongoing effort to improve the quality of our academic system and to foster a vibrant and growing student community. It is an opportunity for parents to interact with senior academic leaders and the leadership team. The meeting which is usually held in the BHM restaurant in Central Campus is chaired by Dr Fr Abraham V M, Vice Chancellor, CHRIST, co-chaired by Dr Fr Joseph CC, Pro-Vice Chancellor, and Dr Anil Joseph Pinto, Registrar. The meeting is attended by parents, Directors, Deans and Heads of Departments, and CCHS team members.

During the meeting, Dr Anil Joseph Pinto, Registrar, reads out the annual report of the institution. Dr Fr Abraham V M, initiates the meeting by welcoming queries and suggestions from parents and updates from faculty members.

The parents are openly invited to share their feedback and suggestions, if any, with respect to academics and overall growth of the University.



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