Dia Kapoor

I have immensely benefited from the Psycho education classes.  It gave me better understanding of establishing and maintaining social relations. I have learnt how to listen to others and acknowledge their conceptions. The sessions with peer educators helped penetrate the idea of peer pressure. How to say no and it brought clarity about people pleasing. There should be more sessions held on other pressing issues like overthinking, anxiety and handling stress. In my opinion, the effort of bringing clarity to students and instilling values has been successful.

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G A Pranavsankar

Firstly, I would like to thank christ university,lavasa for implementing the counselling or tye psycho-education sessions for the students. From my personal experience of what I have personally felt  a lot of positive things  about this sessions. I found it really helpful and were in sighted with things which  could help one in his or her life both private and professional. Our counsellor rutha ma'am had provided us insights on important aspects which could really help one like dealing with mental health issues which happens to be an key/major issue in today's scenario and dealing with conflicts in better ways  which could help one better manage and maintain relationship and other topics. The aspects or feature which distinguished this session is that it was an very interactive session where students were allowed to give their views on the topics discussed in class and other fun activities which made this session more student oriented. Apart from our counsellor rutha ma'am, we were also accompanied by some mentors who happen to be our seniors which also happens to be a good initiative as it would help students to share their problems and issues more and be less nervous and comfortable. Once again, I would like to thank christ university,lavasa for this initiative.

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Swayansidha Mohanty

The effectiveness of psycho education classes has helped me a lot to cope up in Christ university. Personally, it helped me a lot to gain emotional and behavioral self-control. Most fascinating thing throughout the session was the interaction with the peer educators. As we know the most important characterstics of counselling session is unconditional positive regard and empathy honestly speaking the counselling cell of Christ University helped me to relate practically with the situations I dealt with.No matter whatever the situation is it is the positive and unconditional approach has played a vital role in student’s well-being. It helped me to understand how troubling feelings and emotions relate to the difficulties and behavioral problems can be eradicated. Through this session student’s own strengths are analyzed, refined and reinforced, so that the student become the main contributor on their own improvement. As the motto of Christ university is excellence and service, psycho education is truly a depiction of cutting -edge education which will help me to portray deep commitment to this institution. This will also help me to promote excellence in realm of legal education being a student of law.

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Rohan Dutta

Psycho education session is quiet a unique concept which I came across in our university. It has created a great Impact on my behavior and attitude towards academics and also towards the people around. Previously, I suffered from the issues of introvertness and the fear of getting judged by people but now these problems seems to subsidizing gradually. Attending these sessions has also helped me, to cope with my feelings of homesickness. It has also taught me the way to manage my time, conflict with others and my personal finances. Personally, I have also learnt the art to mingle with people from these sessions. Moreover, these sessions also give us the opportunity to have an interaction with our seniors in the form of Peer educators, who are there to guiding us in every problem we faced. These sessions have also made me more tolerant and has increased my Patience level.

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