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Shankar Iyer
Head - Corporate Relations
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Josphin T J

Tax Consultant at Deloitte

Finding the right path to success at the right time is very important and I am happy that I selected Christ. It's a place where we create a bigger foundation to find and create ourselves. Christ pushed me in everything from curricular to co-curricular with great responsibilities, this unlocked a great set of potential talent which was hidden inside me. Three things which I learnt in Christ is
Don't try to do everything by yourself as you might fail but try to do it together because even if you fail someone will raise you up.
Learning is individual so go solo and take charge of it, you cannot expect others to do it for you so try to grasp as much as possible from the given opportunity.
Last but not least. The values and culture this institute teaches us, believe me, this will help you in your life more than you think it will, so keep it with your life always.
I am highly indebted to entire Christ family for all the support and guidance and I take the opportunity to thank each one of you.

Shraiya M

Executive Assistant at Family First Financial, Canada

Christ to me is not just an institution of acquiring the management qualification. It goes way beyond that!
The curriculum was so designed that theoretical content was balanced with projects and case studies to stimulate real-time business situations, ensuring a good understanding and application of the concepts.
In addition to this, the institute offered a dynamic environment for the holistic development of personality. It promoted a culture to ask questions and seek knowledge beyond the limits of the curriculum.
'You are only as learned as you think you know because when you believe you know all, you stop learning'. This desire and drive for the continuous pursuit of learning were instilled in me by the culture and value systems of this esteemed institution which has helped enormously to transform myself to a higher level in my professional as well as personal life.

Amit Nagar

Anti Money Laundering Compliance Officer at PWC Acceleration Center.

Christ was actually a journey, which led to the destination of my career.
Never thought in which direction I'll go, but did manage to clear all the hurdles.
I will not talk about academic learnings as others normally do. However, I would like to talk about my personal learnings in the 2 years I studied.
- Life will always have plans for you, you just have to make sure you get through.
- The way you carry yourself matters a lot.
- Right attitude will help you to climb the ladder, not just sufficient knowledge.
- Take success and failure in a balanced manner.
- Stay focused and never take no for an answer. So summing up, Just enjoy the days, make sure you add value to yourself, learnings will come automatically.

Jinto Kurian

Business Analyst at GenPact

Two years in Christ was a transformative period for me. I think I learned more about my experience in networking, the art of time management, dealing with pressure, working together as a team player rather than classroom lectures. I will always be thankful to every faculty member and management for providing opportunities for growth which shaped me into a better person and prepared me for corporate life.


Research Analyst in Refinitive

Being a Christite is an emotion for me. Two years PGDM course taught not only subjects but also helped me develop my personality in all possible ways. Christ taught me the art of balancing personal and professional life. And this helped me a lot at my workplace. The key learnings I received from Christ helped me excel at my organisation. I won a medal for the best theme in the Risk film festival conducted by Refinitive and it was all due to those industry-relevant assignments and projects which I did at my college. Thank you, Christ, all faculties, all my dear friends...!! I feel blessed to be part of the Christ Family.

Elvis Cyriac

Regalix - Account Strategist in the field of Digital marketing

My journey at Christ Lavasa was a wonderful experience, the first mention would be regarding the Mentoring sessions where we interacted with our Mentors not only on a professional level but also on a personal level which helped us to connect with them and build a strong bond with the faculty, for me personally, this had a huge impact not only during the college but also in the professional career. There were wonderful experiences created in the college by organizing and also participating in a lot of activities. The learning experience was always great as more than just reading from the books our faculties focused more on live examples and also had great discussions rather than just ordinary teaching sessions. All the experiences I have had in the college has helped me today not only in my professional path but also in my personal life, and to all of you I would be happy to say that you have made a great choice by selecting Christ university to start your Career.

Udisha Sharma

Deputy Manager - Advanced Analytics

I got placed in Yes Bank as Deputy Manager - Advanced Analytics.  The placement process at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus is extremely systematic and organized. Not only does it entail connecting students with major organizations across India but also constant guidance and support to prepare and polish before the process ensures sure shot selection.

Jairaj Bora

Operations Associate

I am selected in BYJU’S as Operations Associate. It was quite an enchanting long experience of 3 rounds where I was tested in domains of my knowledge, my communication skills and personality. I am truly indebted and very grateful to the Placement Coordinator’s Office CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa for guiding us and extending never ending support throughout the placement process. Being a placement committee member, I have to personally witness the constant endeavor by the Placement Office to bring in the best opportunities for the talent pool of this University. The training provided by the Campus is relevant to the Industry standards and helps us prepare with necessary skills for every possible job interview scenario.

Anushree Chakraborty

Deputy Manager

I am Anushree Chakraborty from MSc Data Science Batch: 2019-21. I got placed in Yes Bank, Mumbai as a Deputy Manager - Advanced Analytics through Campus Placements. I am really thankful to CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa, my Professors and the Placement Coordinator’s Office for the constant guidance and encouragement. The entire selection as well as interview process went very smoothly considering the current pandemic and lockdown situation. Thank you again for supporting me during the placement process.

Jay Bharat Mehta

Deputy Manager

I got placed in Yes Bank for the profile of a Deputy Manager. The placement process in CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa  is very well taken care of. Placement Office is very approachable and clear throughout the entire placement process. The communications were precise and help was provided whenever required. Overall the placement procedures were smooth and well organized.

Akhil Ramakrishnan

Finance Analyst

I got placed in XL Dynamics as Finance Analyst under the able guidance and leadership of the Placement Coordinator’s Office and Student Placement Committee. The Placement Team ensured that I am totally aware of the recruitment process throughout and provided all around support from the beginning to the end of the placement process. I thank CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa for my successful beginning of corporate career.

Abdul Shubhan Khan

Sr. Exc./AM

I Abdul Shubhan Khan MBA (Finance), Batch 2019-2021 got placed in Bajaj Allianz as a Sr. Exc. /AM of Automations and System Enhancement. I highly appreciate Placement Coordinator’s Office  and the Student Placement Committee of the CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa for providing guidance and assistance to simplify the path that helped me to reach out to my goal of getting placed in a reputed company of my interest to begin my corporate career.

Mohd. Ebrar Sheikh

Relationship Manager

I'd like to express my gratitude to the Placement Coordinator for providing me with this fantastic opportunity to begin my career in Axis Bank as Relationship Manager – SBB. Conducting a variety of sessions and training for interview preparations that proved to be extremely beneficial. In this pandemic and lockdown situation, it was very difficult to find jobs through campus hiring, but our Placement Coordinator’s Office CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa  encouraged us and provided us opportunities in Axis Bank. I will be eternally grateful to the Placement Coordinator for his guidance.

Sinnu Kumari

Virtual Acquisition Manager

With the outbreak of Covid-19, we have to switch over to virtual placement drives, which was very new to us as a student. But the Placement Coordinator’s Office CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa provided all the required training, webinars, and guest lectures which helped us in the final interviews. I was a bit anxious about getting a job since December, but with the help of the Placement Coordinator’s Office, it was easy to handle and crack the virtual interviews. The office always inspired me and motivated me and I got placed in Axis Bank through Campus Placements as Virtual Acquisition Manager. I am thankful to the Placement Office for creating and providing a platform where students can showcase their talent with different companies.

Aabhas Vij

Management Trainee (Data Sciences)

Research-oriented curriculum by CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune, Lavasa Campus enabled me to dive deeper into the Data Science domain and consistent efforts by the faculty and serenity of Lavasa kept me in focus throughout the period of my course.  The Placement Coordinator's Office brought in multiple opportunities for us at a critical time for the job market which consequently helped me getting myself placed in a prestigious company as Management Trainee (Data Sciences) in Bajaj Allianz. I am very grateful to everyone at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune, Lavasa who helped me achieve my first placement.

Akanksha Rawat

Management Trainee (PSF COE - PMO)

I would like to thank CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune, Lavasa Campus for giving me this campus hiring opportunity and being so supportive and helpful throughout the placement process. I would also like to thank the Placement Coordinator's Office, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune, Lavasa Campus , for constantly bearing with us through these tough Covid times and still managing to bring excellent companies despite the conditions of the job market. I am glad that I have been placed in one of India’s top companies as a Management Trainee (PSF COE - PMO), Bajaj Allianz.

Tejas Chaturvedi

Management Trainee

Tejas Chaturvedi MA (Business Economics), Batch 2019-21. I got placed in Bajaj Allianz as Management Trainee. The Placement Process at Christ (Deemed to be University) Lavasa is very efficient and properly structured. The Placement Coordinator's Office processes the campus hirings efficiently and brings various companies for Final Placements. The Placement  Coordinator's Office, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus guide us, prepares us and motivates the students for their respective interviews.

Jeremiah P

Business Development Executive

I have completed my MBA from CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Pune Lavasa Campus. I am selected as a Business Development Executive in iFAST Financial India Private Limited for the Chennai location from the Campus Placements. I am extremely happy and thankful to all the CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus faculties, friends, and all the college members who were helpful to me for achieving this success.



Mr. Rajnish Kumar

Group President - HCM, Yes Bank

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus – “The Hub of Analytics” is the campus for Experiential Learning and strongly believes in Excellence and Service in the field of education. The university green campus is situated in Lavasa in the “Lap of Nature” near Pune. The university campus is innovation friendly & equipped with the courses relevant for current and future business needs.  The students learning in the university are from Pan India and are striving to be ready for the corporate world. The students studying in this campus get real time business exposure from the top class global business professionals who are the true leaders from industries. They are all set to face the challenges and the opportunities available in the new business normal. They are well informed about the practical importance of continuous Learnability and are updated with the Future Skills. I always look forward to interacting with these young and inquisitive minds.

Mr. Santanu Banerjee

CHRO, Bajaj Allianz Life

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus – “The Hub of Analytics” is one of the best inspiring universities in the country and situated in the Lap of the Nature’s paradise on the foot hill of the famous Western Ghats and provides a unique serene and scenic ambience. The students of the University are very bright and adjusting well with the new normal business environment challenges and process innovations of the corporate business world. Christ University students are gaining skills from the best learning environment and prepared for the future complex business world. I always love the quality of interactions with them.

Mr. Anoop Garg

Co-Founder MarketsandMarkets

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus is the Analytical Hub of CHRIST (Deemed to be University). The Green University Campus in the city of Lavasa stands as an example of a Green and innovation educational hub for the future. The city is based on the Italian town Portofino. The students studying in this campus get the real time business exposure from the C-Suite Corporate professionals who are the true mix of global professionals from FMCG, FMCD, IT, Consulting, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Technology, Manufacturing, Service Sector and Research.  The university is endorsed by the Advisory Board members heading the Global Corporate Businesses. The university is equipped with all the facilities and ready to develop talents required for future businesses.  I am always happy to interact with multidisciplinary and collaborative young minds.







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